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Khloe Kardashian x Fabletics Campaign

Khloe Kardashian x Fabletics Campaign

Khloe Kardashian and Fabletics Launch Third Collection With Compression Swimwear. In the gallery were added 24 HQ/MQ photos photographed by The Morelli Brothers. Could it be that third time’s the extra charm?

TV personality and entrepreneur Khloé Kardashian is joining forces again with Fabletics to introduce a third collection of fashionable activewear that has a lot of stretch and sculpting capabilities.

On Monday, the two are releasing “Khloév3,” a 26-piece, limited-edition array of spring-to-summer looks, which for the first time includes compression swimwear. There are plenty of transitional pieces that can be worn from the pool to the gym or to a social engagement with friends.

“With this latest installment, we’ve taken things to the next level with the introduction of a spring-to-summer collection that includes two compression swimsuits with sporty, yet sleek cuts that lift and accentuate all the curves of a woman’s body,” Fabletics’ cofounder Ginger Ressler said.
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